Do you consider yourself one of the best consultants in the market? 

Pillar Staffing Solutions represents the best and brightest consultants in the PeopleSoft and Oracle markets.  We love hearing glowing recommendations from previous clients and hearing about consultants many years of experience.  Pillar Staffing Solutions has built its name on providing long term, hard working, knowledgeable consultants who aren't afraid to roll up their sleeves and get the work done!

Pillar Staffing Solutions are always looking for qualified consultants to join our team.  There are 7 key traits we look for in the consultants we represent:

  • Effective Communication - In life, effective communication is the key to success.  Our clients demand that you be an amazing communicator and we expect this to be one of your top skills.
  • Experience - The clients we represent expect you to hit the ground running, be highly motivated and know what needs to be done to make their projects successful.
  • Functional Knowledge - Being knowledgeable about how your module functions and how to troubleshoot issues, configure settings properly and provide guidance to the client is imperative to a successful project.
  • Technical Knowledge - Behind the scenes  is a plethora of code and technically constructed processes, which you may be expected to troubleshoot, enhance or build.  
  • Personality - Being able to get along well with other team members and managers goes a long way, Pillar Staffing Solutions will evaluate your personality skills during our assessment to determine how you'll fit in with our clients teams.
  • Background - Pillar Staffing Solutions will perform background checks so our clients can be comfortable with who they are bringing on to their teams.
  • References - Pillar Staffing Solutions expects your references to provide a glowing review of your previous work.

Pillar Staffing Solutions is looking forward to hearing from you and getting to know your qualifications.

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